In the freebie world there are lots of freebie sites, some of them are legitimate and some of them aren't. When signing up for freebies you have to be careful that you don't sign up under the wrong ones. Two of the more popular ones are Transcendent Innovations and Free4me network. There are definitely other popular and legit sites, but from my experience these two are really good to start with. Before signing up on any freebie site be sure to do some research on it. You can go to their site and see testimonials. There are also numerous forums around the web in which customers will review and share their personal experiences about certain sites.

How Freebie Sites Work:

Freebie sites rely on revenue from the companies which you complete offers from. It's all about advertisement. The company offering the trial pays the freebie sites for advertising their offer in the hope of getting potential customers. These potential customers are the referees. With the money the freebie sites make they will buy the gifts for you as sort of a "thank you" for getting other people to sign up, but they will still have enough to make a profit for themselves.

(Example: You complete an offer and get 5 friends to complete one as well. The Free Gift site will make enough money to pay for your gift and also make a bit of money for themselves)

Since some of the offers you can complete are free to do, you pay nothing and the free gift company gets paid by other companies to pay for your free gift.

Here is some news coverage and TV shows talking about the freebie scene:

Here is a user video:

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